President & CEO

Mr. John Kiehm is a former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Chief of Staff.  In addition to his staff responsibilities, he directed the monumental reform of the agency’s Human Resource program.  During his career at DIA, Mr. Kiehm was charged with centralizing the management of Defense Human Intelligence and moreover, developed this service into an internationally respected organization.  He implemented his vision of automating critical functions of its operations and management of records making the organization’s critical intelligence products real time. 

Mr. Kiehm's last assignment was served as the senior DIA representative to the Supreme Allied Commander, NATO Forces and Commander of the U.S. Forces, European Command.  He also served as the Director for Engineering and Logistics Services, providing critical operations support to include engineering and logistics services to CONUS-based activities of DIA as well as diplomatic support for defense attaché offices worldwide. Mr. Kiehm served in the U.S. Air Force as a commissioned officer for twenty four years and upon retirement, joined DIA in a civilian capacity.

Since retirement from DIA as a Senior Executive Service member, he served on corporate boards and provided consulting services for private and public corporations. His hands-on human source intelligence operations experience, logistical expertise, as well as internal knowledge of military operations, make Mr. Kiehm and SKC a valuable partner for customers seeking secure solutions in key mission areas.