Intelligence Solutions

Intelligence is a team effort. Analysts collaborate with their colleagues in the Intelligence Community (IC) and with experts from other government agencies, academic researchers, and business professionals.  Everyone makes a contribution that improves the end result.  The slogan for the IC is increasingly “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

SKC was formed in collaboration with intelligence professionals and business consultants to bring the best practices of both worlds together.  Our  intelligence solutions capability is based on an intimate knowledge of the dynamic needs of the IC and a commitment to provide high-quality services at reduced costs.  For our government clients, we serve as trusted partners to provide intelligence professionals of exceptional qualifications, improve performance, and develop new operational models to meet the IC’s changing needs.  

Our senior management is involved at every level of our operations to ensure excellence is delivered consistently.  We cover all “INTs” to include providing former intelligence professionals who lend their expertise to improve your operations.  Our intelligence professionals deliver front-to-end solutions that improve services, deliver new capabilities, and reconfigure organizations to meet new challenges.