Language & Cultural Solutions

Language and culture influence how we see and interact with the world—they can also lead to misunderstanding.  Foreign languages and cultural understanding come into play at every stage of the intelligence cycle, from collection to reporting and analysis. At this current day and age, more than ever, government leaders rely on linguists and culture experts to work in collaborative environments. Together with strategic and tactical decision-makers these linguists provide a more comprehensive and practical understanding of foreign intents and motives in order to make informed decisions.

Connecting decisions-makers with trusted, relevant experts is what SKC does best. We specialize in cleared linguists, proficient in niche and hard-to-find languages for work domestically and abroad.  Our clients can expect tangible value from our linguists, to include deep Intelligence Community expertise and a working knowledge of the most current advances in machine translation.  Skill and technology are at the forefront of our client-centered solutions that extract meaning from the unknown.