Technical Instructor/Team Lead

SKC is currently seeking a FORSCOM COMET Technical Instructor/Team Lead to deliver a planned and coordinated program, course, curriculum, subject or routine instruction in professional, technical, administrative, or other fields designed to improve individual and organization performance and assist in achieving the agency’s mission in Army maintenance training for unit readiness. The Technical Instructor/Team Lead will be responsible for leading a team of Technical Instructors.


  • Provide logistics coordination and facilitate communication between the Program Manager and the FORSCOM G-4.
  • Coordinate and collate reports from all COMET advisors and provide an initial report of findings upon completion of the assistance visit. Not later than five working days after an assistance visit, the team leader shall draft a detailed exit briefing of findings and an executive-level summary of findings and trends to the Assistance Unit.
  • Provide resident staff logistics expertise in the following logistics disciplines: Field and Sustainment supply activities for CL I, II, III, IV, V, VII, VIII, and IX commodities; property management, control, and security; unit movement; maintenance management practices and procedures; equipment records management (TAMMS); Logistics Information Systems (LIS); logistics readiness reporting; maintenance of wheeled and tracked vehicles; engineer; armament; small arms; communications equipment; night vision devices; nuclear, biological and chemical systems; Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE); and drivers training.
  • Provide team leaders who are well versed in Army logistics policies and procedures and has a high degree of technical and management expertise in tactical logistics operations.
  • Prepare and deliver briefings, point papers, reports, fact sheets, and respond to their assigned command.
  • Assist the G4 LARAP Manager in developing a logistics assessment, review, and analysis program that are compliant with the intent and the published policies and procedures of the supported Senior Mission Commander. The program shall be based on applicable Army regulations, field manuals, technical manuals, Safety of Use Messages (SOUM’s), Maintenance Advisory Messages (MAM’s), FORSCOM and local command supplements, and any other applicable governing directives and policies of federal, state, and local agencies. This program shall focus on those activities, practices, and procedures directly related to logistics readiness.
  • Provide a comprehensive assessment of logistics training and shall define training requirements to include: An analysis of perishable skills; Identification of Terminal Learning Objectives (TLO); Development of outcome metrics; and Development of test materials and hands-on evaluation for logistics training.
  • Aid in drafting training curricula for G4 approval designed for delivery in the operational environment and shall emphasize hands on instruction for soldiers. Assist the G4 in: identifying and defining requirements for systems embedded training; determining Training Aids, Devices, Simulations and Simulators (TADSS) requirements and coordinate development of TADSS materials. Where standardized Army training documentation is not available, assist course developers to develop associated POI materials such as lesson plans, student handouts and instructor manuals for G4 approval.
  • Assist in preparing specialized Training Support Packages such as continuing education, remedial training, rapid–train–up, and sustainment training, when required by the COR/ACOR.
  • Coordinate and perform cyclic quality assurance assistance to supported units. The Contractor shall provide informal assessments, advice, and assistance of the unit for compliance with the cited programs and provide the feedback to the Corps and Division Commanders for consideration.
  • Establish verification systems to identify deficiencies and shortcomings by examining unit maintenance and supply activities and processes to ensure compliance with applicable Army Regulations, field manuals, technical publications, and FORSCOM policies.


  • Five years’ experience including: The Army Maintenance Management System; The Army Materiel Maintenance Policy; Supply Policy Below National Level; Using Unit Supply Systems; Physical Security; and Environmental Program.
  • Five years’ experience in management of tasks involving the sustainment and maintenance of all Army supplies and equipment.
  • Possess the ability to communicate directly to and through correspondence with senior Army leaders to include General Officer levels.
  • Possess experience in the analysis of command logistics programs to include shortcomings, development of corrective recommendations and presentation of findings to the senior leadership for decision.
  • Proficiency in the following Logistics Information Systems: SAMS-E; GCSS-ARMY; PBUSE; SARSS; SASMOD; TC-AIMS; and V-SAT.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Knowledgeable in: Army Award For Maintenance Excellence; Army Oil Analysis Program; Army Warranty Program; Sample Data Collection Program; Army Modification Program; Army maintenance Floats; Drivers Training; Product quality deficiency and/or improvement reports; Administrative storage of materiel; Army tire retread program; Tool improvement program; National Maintenance Program; Ground safety Notification System; Army Corrosion Prevention and Control Program; Army Battery Program; Property Accountability; Financial Liability Investigation Property Loss; Inventory and inventory adjustments; Requesting and receiving supplies; Property responsibility; OCIE; Management of I, II, III, IIIP, IV, VIII; Hazardous Materiel; Stock Control; Excess management; Ammunition management; Food service equipment management; Medical equipment management.
  • Strong back ground and training in Army maintenance operations to include: Experience repairing Army Track or Wheel vehicles; unit level maintenance; Motor Pool operations;  Experience with Army maintenance STAMIS; and Strong instructor skills.
  • Experience developing TRADOC standard lesson material.
  • Knowledge and experience with Applicable Maintenance, Supply & Services and Transportation Services regulations, publications and manuals.
  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite applications, SharePoint, MS Project, and other logistics related software.
  • SECRET Security Clearance.
  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • Job duties and responsibilities may change due to contractual requirements.
  • Occasionally required to lift up to 45lbs.
  • Extensive travel may be required.
  • Prior Military and/or Contingency Operations experience desired.

SKC, LLC is an EO Employer- M/F/Veteran/Disability

Experience:  5 Years
Security Clearance:  Secret
Location:  Fort Polk, Louisiana
Date Added:  06/09/2017